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FIDLAR’s Super-NSFW ‘Cocaine’ Video Stars Nick Offerman’s Penis

fidlar, cocaine, video, nick offerman

Nick Offerman gets pissed in the new video for FIDLAR‘s “Cocaine,” the raucous closing track off the Los Angeles skate punks’ Essential self-titled debut. Done in collaboration with Funny or Die and directed by regular collaborator Ryan Baxley (who also helmed last year’s “Cheap Beer” short), the above clip casts the Parks and Recreation star as a down-on-his-luck dude who’s had enough. Immediately after getting fired from his job, Offerman guzzles a few 40 oz. bottles of Mickey’s malt liquor and starts peeing on everything he sees. Seriously, everything — dogs, people, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Guy even whips it out at a car wash (and, yes, you see the whole thing). But who’s going to stop him? He’s Ron Fucking Swanson. This one’s NSFW, obviously, so use some discretion before pressing play.