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Hear the Family Crest’s Sweeping Orchestral Single ‘The Headwinds’

The Family Crest

Orchestral rock outfit the Family Crest have just signed with Portland record label Tender Loving Empire and already have their first release lined up: The Headwinds EP arrives July 30 and promises to introduce the “grand sounds” of the six-piece’s upcoming sophomore album, Beneath the Brine. According to the label, the Kickstarter-funded full-length “showcases an expansive breadth of arrangements — from dark, classical romanticism to brass-laden sounds reminiscent of the Roaring ’20s.”

Ahead of that LP’s January 2014 drop date, though, we have the aforementioned EP’s sweeping title track, wherein the San Francisco-born collective arm themselves with sharp strings, galloping percussion, and an ambition wide enough to swallow you whole. Dive in below.