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Factory Floor ‘Turn It Up’ With Masochistic Machine Music

London industrial-disco freaks prep self-titled DFA debut for September 10

On September 10, industrial-disco mutants Factory Floor will release their long-awaited eponymous debut album via DFA Records. Earlier this year, we heard the bleakly satisfying slab of nasty that was “Fall Back,” and we experienced the London trio’s live body-and-mind-fuckery at their label’s big 12th anniversary party in May, but all of that has only served to make the wait all the more painful. Of course, that’s exactly how FF fans like it. Blissfully tightening the vice a notch or two further, we now have “Turn It Up,” a brutally minimal weaponized groove featuring disembodied vocals and warm, in-room percussion. The Casiotone beats will drive nails through your brain in all the right places, while Nik Coil Void’s robo-warped singing is oddly inviting despite sounding like pure liquid danger. Of course, what else would one expect from a group that’s collaborated with members of both New Order and Throbbing Gristle? Get stripped:

Factory Floor, Factory Floor track list:

1. “Turn It Up”
2. “Here Again”
3. “One”
4. “Fall Back”
5. “Two”
6. “How You Say”
7. “Two Different Ways”
8. “Three”
9. “Work Out”
10. “Breathe In”