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Egadz Goes Orchestrally Glitch for ‘Giant Steps’

So Cal beat music madman designs own video game, plots 'Satellites' LP

Egadz is Erik Nava, a Southern California-raised beatsmith whose résumé also includes playing boatloads of instruments, programming his own video games, and developing innovative ways to perform electronic music. His sound is glitched at the surface, though a closer listen reveals deep layering that sounds more orchestral than binary in nature. Take “Giant Steps,” for instance. The song’s title likely refers to the beat’s unerring forward march, but each of those stomps comprises a dozen or more tiny bumps: rattling percussion, labyrinthine sequences, evolving melodies.

Egadz will self-release his new album Satellite on July 30 (peep the gold-plated USB edition), and in honor of the occasion he’s designed Space Beats, an app for various mobile devices that allows users to score points by making electronic productions of their own. Also, he made the insane video beneath “Giant Steps,” in which he plays new song “Ghost” via a custom-built wall constellation. So, um, yeah, dude’s likely smarter than any of us know.

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