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DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn Party With Kitty in ‘She Turnt Up’ Video

DJ Spinn DJ Rashad 'She Turnt Up' Kitty Pryde Video

Chicago footwork king DJ Rashad and his ghetto-house Teklife crew compatriot DJ Spinn have teamed up for “She Turnt Up,” a sufficiently wavy trunk-rattler replete with trapped drum kits and hypnotic repetition. The track revolves around the misadventures of the titular woman: “She off the molly, smoking reggie, sipping orange juice / She bust it open for the bros, your ho be getting loose.” So it’s not a particularly feminist message, but it is undeniably celebratory. Oddly, Kitty (née Pryde) is one of the central figures in the accompanying Jon Casey-directed music video, which finds our musical guides hopping from venue to house party to club to “summer trap festival,” according to the YouTube description. Booties get oiled, booties get slapped, people get high, and booties do clap. The visuals are as psychedelically swirling as the track itself at times. The weekend has arrived.