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Hear Delta Mirror’s Brooding ‘Goldfish’

Chris Acosta following up 2010's 'Machines That Listen' this summer

Delta Mirror, the one-man band composed of digi-goth Chris Acosta, will resurface on August 6 with Better Unsung, a 12-track album due via Lightwave Records. The Los Angeles-based electro-vert already shared the upcoming LP’s first single, the watery “Undeveloped Unreturned,” and now he’s dropped the (equally aqueous) second. “Goldfish” finds Acosta comfortably slinking into the role of crooning creeper: “I’ll ignore the fact I want you to stay,” he sings. “Matter of fact / I’ll throw you away.” Hear the bassy grinder below, followed by Better Unsung’s complete track list. 

Better Unsung track list: 

1. “Probability and Outcome (Part 1)”
2. “Goldfish”
3. “Undeveloped Unreturned”
4. “A Song About the End” (feat. Blue Sky Black Death)
5. “The Bear”
6. “Probability and Outcome (Part 2)”
7. “Never Better Unsung”
8. “Goodbye Horses”
9. “Probability and Outcome (Part 3)”
10. “Lead Me in”
11. “The Happiest Endings are the Ones That Never Come”
12. “Probability and Outcome (Part 4)” (feat. Blue Sky Black Death)