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Death Grips Return to Major Label With New Capitol-Assisted Imprint

Also, watch a handcuffed Zach Hill drum for 10 minutes

In 2012, Death Grips burned bridges with their former label Epic in a cash-fueled blaze of glory that contributed to the crew nabbing SPIN’s coveted Artist of the Year designation. Now, as Pitchfork reports, the Sacramento noise-rap outfit is launching its own imprint, dubbed Thirdworlds, via “a very unique relationship” with Harvest/Capitol and a distribution assist from Caroline (a subsidiary of Universal Music Group). The new venture’s logo can be seen above.

As previously reported, the band is at work on a new album — now slated for arrival sometime in 2014. Drummer Zach Hill has been wrapping up a feature film of his own creation that will feature new music from Death Grips, while MC Ride and Flatlander have been out spreading the misanthropic gospel on the road and at Bonnaroo and Orion. Below, you can watch a new video uploaded to the DG site, wherein Hill plays the drums whilst handcuffed.