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Deap Vally Are Looking for Trouble on ‘Bad for My Body’

Los Angeles blues-shred babes go big on 'Sistrionix' LP single

When SPIN sat down with Deap Vally back in January, we learned a startling fact: howler/shredder Lindsey Troy and the kit-smashing Julie Edwards met at a Los Angeles crochet class, taught by the latter no less. Such a setting seems out of place for pair of musicians who worship at the throne of Led Zeppelin and sound like the White Stripes at their loudest and blooziest, albeit without all of the cutesiness. But Deap Vally are all about repping their own badass brand of femininity, and they’re fairly certain their elders wouldn’t approve even with the knitting thrown in for good measure. “If our mothers only knew / The trouble we get into,” Troy belts out over grinding guitar and pounding drums on “Bad for My Body” from the duo’s debut album Sistrionix. That LP isn’t out stateside until October, but this new single is out tomorrow, Tuesday, July 30.

Deap Vally, Sistrionix U.K. track list:

1. “End of the World”
2. “Baby I Call Hell”
3. “Walk of Shame”
4. “Gonna Make My Own Money”
5. “Creeplife”
6. “Your Love’s a Lie”
7. “Lies”
8. “Bad for My Body”
9. “Women of Intention”
10. “Raw Material”
11. “Six Feet Under/Spiritual”
12. “Drought”
13. “Procreate”
14. “Ain’t Fair”