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Watch Merchandise Offshoot Dads’ Cow-Powered ‘Invisible Blouse’ Video


A cow stares at the camera throughout the video for Dads’ “Invisible Blouse,” from a new single out on Wharf Cat Records. Directed by Z.P./OSR Productions, the clip also has a tiny split screen, which shows less easily identifiable scenes that are occasionally covered with text containing phrases such as “club fuck.” The cacophonous Florida garage rockers’ song is anything but bucolic, consisting of streaking distortion and voice-destroying roars that would fit in well in that place called Club Fuck. Still, it’s not a stretch to say there’s a certain bovine imperturbability here.

Dads, whose ranks include two members of fellow Florida band Merchandise, sound like they aren’t trying to please anyone but themselves, and sometimes that sense of freedom can be contagious. Which is why we drink pasteurized milk.