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Ciara and Nicki Minaj Taunt Their Exes in Fast-Talking ‘I’m Out’ Video

Ciara, Nicki Minaj

If neither Ciara nor Nicki Minaj has dumped you recently, count yourself lucky. “I’m Out,” from Ciara’s July 9 self-titled album, is a call for jilted women to show their former lovers exactly what they’re missing, and it has the ferocious rapping and club-ready thumping to deliver its hell-hath-no-sexy-like-a-woman-scorned message — when they performed it at the BET Awards last night, the censors had to tackle just about every other word from Minaj’s mouth. The video doesn’t take the song any place unexpected, but the Atlanta crunk’n’b queen and the New York pop-rapper, in form-fitting white bodysuits, successfully flaunt their ability to perform choreography that makes our quads burn just to watch. Ciara’s gold-toothed snarl is more convincing than the video’s inevitable moment of product placement. It’s all a smart, tough contrast with the warmer, fuzzier video for “My Boo”-bumping “Body Party.” So, Ciara’s “I’m Out” video is out; Ciara can’t be soon enough.