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Chief Keef Video Insists ‘I Ain’t Done Turnin’ Up’ Despite Whole World’s Advice

Chief Keef 'I Ain't Done Turnin' Up' Video

Last week Chief Keef shared two new songs, “Go to Jail” and “I Ain’t Done Turnin’ Up.” While the former had nothing to do with the 17-year-old Chicagoan’s many trips to the clink, the latter is no doubt meant as a message to those who might assume that the embattled MC is going to take things a bit more slowly in light of recent events. Because the thing is, when you wind up getting served, charged, and arrested for three different things in one day, well, you’re done turning up.

Then again, Keef certainly seems plenty turnt in the video for “I Ain’t Done.” While mumble-chanting about drugs, sex, and money in a deeply Auto-Tuned and rarely rhyming stream-of-consciousness mouth leak, he shows off a sizable stack of bills, does some no-handed quad wheeling, smokes what appears to be a blunt, and generally huffs and puffs like he’s on fire. Oh, and at one point his hand actually appears to be on fire thanks to some pretty sweet CG flames. Note to Keef: It’s probably not advisable to wave wads of cash around when you’re a few months late turnin’ in your child-support payments.

ABE Beatz and Domeno provide the darkly throbbing backdrop. “I Ain’t Done Turnin’ Up” is expected to land on Keef’s forthcoming Almighty Sosa mixtape.