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See Broken Social Scene Perform Lost Gem ‘Where’s Your Heart, Where’s Your Mind’

Broken Social Scene Wheres your heart wheres your mind

Broken Social Scene are bad at retirement. Since calling it quits in 2011, the Canadian collective reformed for what was to be a one-off show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their label, Arts & Crafts. Then came a new song, “Day of the Kid,” an appearance with Feist on Fallon, and finally the festival performance itself, where they played their 2002 LP You Forgot It in People in its entirety.

Then, out of nowhere, a new recording popped up. Kevin Drew and company stopped by Bronson Island, the Hollywood studio of That 70’s Show star Danny Masterson, to cut a version of “Where’s Your Heart, Where’s Your Mind.” The band has performed the song sporadically over the years, and this marks the first time a proper rendition has been released. There’s still no word on whether Broken Social Scene are planning anything else, but it seems like an awful lot of effort for a one-off session.