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Bill Clinton’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Lip Dub Arrives on Monica Lewinsky’s Birthday

Bill Clinton blurred lines lip dub BaracksDubs

Another day, another reinterpretation of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Following the joke cover by Vampire Weekend, a mashup with the Growing Pains theme, and a non-porn “Gay Porn” parody of the video, we’re subjected to this lip dub featuring footage of Bill Clinton edited to match Thicke’s lascivious lyrics, which some have called “rape-y.” The clip is brought to you by the man behind BaracksDubs, of course, who has been doing the same thing with President Obama and popular songs since the beginning of 2012 (the “Call Me Maybe” edition has over 39 million views).

While the formula is a bit stale, this video has at least got timing on its side. Released on July 23, the clip arrives on the 40th birthday of Clinton’s infamous mistress, Monica Lewinsky. “We’re back, again. This time, the womanizer of womanizers sings the other song of the summer,” reads the video’s description. After that birthday fact was pointed out to the BaracksDubs creator, he added: “So it turns out that today is Monica Lewinsky’s 40th birthday.. The same day that I uploaded Bill Clinton singing Blurred Lines. As much as I’d like to say otherwise, that was a total coincidence.

Believe it? Or is BaracksDubs blowing so much smoke like Bubba after he “didn’t inhale”?