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Beady Eye Wink From Within a Pile of Naked Women in ‘Shine a Light’ Video

Beady Eye 'Shine a Light' Video Naked Women Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher has something in common with Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke and it’s not the size of, um, his ego. The latest video from his band Beady Eye features the erstwhile Oasis man fully dressed (with sunglasses, of course) surrounded by svelte naked women. The naughty bits only make up a small percentage of the “Shine a Light” clip, which also features a tense scene between Gallagher as his own too-cool-for-school self and Gallagher as a hospitable-but-severe-looking priest.

If one is to extrapolate a plot from Charles Lightening’s direction (why not?), it appears to be this: Beady Eye seeks room and board at an ancient religious stronghold; Liam notices that they’ve got some super-hot nuns in the joint; said nuns wind up in pile of bare asses framing Liam’s nonplussed face. Musically, “Shine a Light” offering a rollicking mix of tense rock’n’roll and buzzing psychedelia. The song hails from the band’s second album, BE, produced by Dave Sitek and out now via Columbia.