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Azealia Banks Debuts Jittery, Pharrell-Assisted ‘ATM JAM’ at Glastonbury

Pharrell improbably has the top two songs in America right now: “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.” Azealia Banks and her team almost certainly don’t have delusions that “ATM JAM” — her new collaboration with Skateboard P — will become that popular over here, but it will likely be her best shot at pop relevancy in the States, something that escaped her even in the midst of “212.” (To be fair, that single dropped before Billboard adjusted its charts to incorporate YouTube streams.) The Harlem rapper previewed the track for the first time this weekend at Glastonbury, playing the Pharrell-sung chorus and her first verse.

On it, Pharrell bends his sound with a beat that mimics Major Lazer’s rhythm. It should be easier to pick out which artist exerted more influence over the collaboration once the studio version is released, but for now it seems Pharrell is playing on Banks’ field. Her album Broke With Expensive Taste — which now features Disclosure — is due out some time this year.