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Watch Atoms for Peace Sway Intensely to the Sound of ‘The Clock’

atoms for peace clock live

After Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich dissolved all alliances with Spotify, they announced that Atoms for Peace had inked a deal with the pay-per-download video service Soundhalo. Now fans can experience both the service and a taste of their London concert with a sample clip of “The Clock,” a cut from Yorke’s 2006 solo album The Eraser, viewable above.

You can now download individual tracks or the entire set culled from the band’s gigs at the Roundhouse earlier this week, with songs appearing on Soundhalo. The cost is pretty fair: 99p ($1.51) per song or £9.99 ($15.19) for a full show. But what about the product appeals to Atoms of Peace?

“I found myself wondering why, whenever you go to a gig, the next day there are a million shaky, horrible-sounding YouTube videos already online,” Godrich told the Independent. “But you go and look because you want to see something of your experience. Soundhalo provides something really functional — an experience that you want to remember in front of you as soon as the concert has happened.”

Who wouldn’t want some quality footage of Yorke telling you to shut up?