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Enjoy Vic Mensa’s ‘Orange Soda,’ More Fizzy Song-Rap From Chance the Rapper’s Crew

Vic Mensa 'Orange Soda' Chance the Rapper Save Money

Vic Mensa hails from the same self-sustaining Chicago crew that gifted us Chance the Rapper, and the young MC is similarly bursting with potential. The Save Money scion lets his true colors show on “Orange Soda,” a track whose sing-song style and soulful backing recalls the sunny psychedelic work of the Pharcyde. Still, this song inhabits a corner that’s thus far been the exclusive domain of Chance’s incredibly good Acid Rap mixtape — Vic appears on the heartfelt highlight “Cocoa Butter Kisses” — and speaks volumes to the groundwork that this crew was laying while the rest of us were sleeping.

The video above finds Mensa handily playing master of ceremonies while backed by a crack live band, one in full-body orange Spandex. He and his pals (check for Chance) also do a lot of hanging out (on stoops, on roofs, in rooms) while pioneering new ways to enjoy the song’s titular substance. Sure, it ends up being an accidental advertisement for Orange Crush, but the clip’s fun flare and the quality of the music are what matter most.

“Orange Soda” will wind up on Mensa’s forthcoming Innanetape, whose release date is yet to be determined.