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Tree Puts the Freeze on Haters in Snowy ‘Busters’ Video

Chicago MC give visuals to 'Sunday School II' mixtape song

Chicago MC Tree has shared a new video in honor of his super-solid May mixtape Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out. As one might expect from the title, “Busters” is your standard fuck-the-haters track, with many middle fingers given to those who’d slow this unsung rhymer’s quickening roll. His vocal styles are firmly Tone Loc meets Mykki Blanco, while the track features lurching beatwork that manages to be both dark and soulful. The clip above is similarly no-frills, finding Tree out in his city on a snowy night, in the shadow of many landmarks that should be familiar even to those who’ve never visited. And if you haven’t yet, you might consider a trip. Between Tree, Chief Keef, and Chance the Rapper, there’s a lot going on there these days.

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