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The Weeknd Hates Threesome-Having Strippers in NSFW ‘Kiss Land’ Video

The Weeknd Kiss Land Video Strippers Japan

Sigh. Another day, another softcore porn video from another alt-R&B #YOLO lifer. Considering the Weeknd’s less-than-copacetic relationship with The-Dream, you’d expect Abel Tesfaye to take a different route than the type of gratuitously NSFW T’n’A showcases that Terius Nash has been using to promote his new album IV Play. Alas, the Weeknd’s Kiss Land will be promoted with the same level of subtlety and artistry — well, at least there’s a hazy VHS filter over the clip above and, like, pixelation when the three strippers are doing whatever vigorous things it is that they’re doing to one another. The Japanese-themed video accompanies the forthcoming album’s titular track, which focuses on the debilitating effects of having too much sex and doing too many drugs while being a depressed jet-setting star. “I went from staring at the same four walls for 21 years, to seeing the whole world in just 12 months,” Tesfaye coos while clearly experiencing deep psychic pain. In Puff Daddy’s day, a line like, “Got a brand new place, I think I’ve seen it twice all year,” woulda been a brag, dammit.