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See Andy Samberg Literally ‘Spell It Out’ in Lonely Island’s Letters-Only Rap Song

Lonely Island Andy Samberg Spell It Out

The Lonely Island have a deep bag of tricks, but this might be their most dazzling. On “Spell it Out” — the latest self-leak from their upcoming guest-packed third LP, The Wack Album — Andy Samberg raps only using letters. It’s easy enough to follow for the first few seconds but eventually disorientation runneth over. It’s like one of those carnival rides that spins you around faster and faster until you just close your eyes and forget where you are, hoping that the kid next to you won’t vomit onto your pants. At some point, someone will transcribe this entire thing and we’ll be able to figure out if it makes sense, but until then enjoy it for the mind-addling exercise that it is.

The Wack Album arrives June 11 and features collaborations with Robyn, Solange, T-Pain, Pharrell, Too $hort and Kendrick Lamar with Adam Levine.