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Stream Locrian’s Descent Into Synthy Post-Metal Madness, ‘Return To Annihilation’


Usually known for candlelit drones and charred noise, wildly prolific avant-metal doomsdayers Locrian are using their Relapse contract to release one of their most accessible records ever. Due June 25, Return To Annihilation, is supposedly inspired by the conceptul prog of Genesis — but we hear synths shaved from the types of horror movies that Boards of Canada are watching, back-masked fog, SunnO)))-style drones, black metal screeches, Neurosis unplugged acoustic breakdowns, and the slowpoke post-metal drumming of bands like Pelican and Horseback. Recorded by Greg Norman at Steve Albini’s Electric Audio, it’s an eclectic float down murky, noxious, sludgy waters. Hear it now!

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