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See Sonny & the Sunsets Spill ‘Green Blood’ in Animated Intergalactic Love Saga

Sonny and the Sunsets Green Blood Antenna to the Afterworld Cartoon Aliens Video

Sonny & the Sunsets paint a world both gritty and romantic, a bit like their hometown of San Francisco. In the garage-pop band’s new video for “Green Blood,” the lyrical illustrations of leader Sonny Smith come to life through Teppei Ando‘s jagged cartoon work. Together, they depict a heart-wrenching space saga about a perilous love affair between a human and an android. There’s action, adventure, and canoodling, oh yeah.

It’s hardly a spoiler to say things don’t work out for the couple, as the confused malaise in the singer’s voice makes that clear from the start. The rambling Antenna to the Afterworld ballad must be a metaphor for something but is so specifically depicted via both word and image that it’s hard to imagine it relating to anything else. Sure, we all know about love gone wrong, but how many have experienced that on an intergalactic level?