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Watch Sic Alps Tell the Story of Prison Queen ‘Carrie Jean’

Sic Alps 'Carrie Jean' Video She's on Top

Sic Alps are hardly your standard San Fran garage-rock gang. Sure, they enjoy the fuzz and the clang like anyone else, but they pull heavily from classic psychedelia. Last year’s fantastic self-titled album featured a nod or two to Sgt. Pepper’s, and new song “Carrie Jean” owes a bit to Pink Floyd in parts. The darkly menacing track hails from their recently released She’s on Top EP, via Drag City, and finds main man Mike Donovan singing about a woman who’s behind bars. The accompanying video is ominous in its simplicity, interspersing close shots of a typewriter in action with ethereal images of people and patterns. The band holds it together nearly the entire length of the song, but things devolve gloriously in the end as the guitar makes angular outward jabs from the center of the dirge and wild whooping fills the air.