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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Was More Rock’n’Roll Than the Rolling Stones Live in Montreal

Rolling Stones Win Butler Arcade Fire 'The Last Time' Live Montreal

Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler joined the Rolling Stones on stage in Montreal Sunday night (June 9) to perform the legendary band’s 1965 single, “The Last Time.” The team-up was a success, with the Canadian indie king providing the malt-shop warble to Mick Jagger’s dive-bar shout. The two did the requisite face-off — as seen in “50 and Counting” tour cameos by Tom Waits, Dave Grohl, and Taylor Swift — and Butler also hung out with Keith Richards for a few licks (another staple). But the towering guest made a couple of unexpected moves as well. After strutting out with a guitar in hand, he drops the thing on the floor, leaving Jagger to clean up after him, before grabbing the mike, which he eventually throws into the audience. It’s hard to tell if Butler’s actions are inspired by apathy or just indicative of the new dad being a badass. Either way, it sounds great.