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Rick Ross Maybe Kinda Sorta Forgot to Pay His Rolex Bill

Rick Ross Rolex Bill 90K Lawsuit Maybach

Rick Ross is being sued for not paying his Rolex bill. TMZ reports that the Maybach Music kingpin owes Houston, Texas ice outlet Johnny’s Custom Jewelry nearly $90,000 for three diamond-studded wristwatches that the Florida rapper ordered last August. The lawsuit alleges that the pieces were delivered but never paid for, asking for $89,847.50 plus interest to settle the tab.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the receipt, which shows two Rolexes made of 18-carat gold (one with 30 carats of diamonds, the other with seven), and a third two-tone watch with five carats of diamonds. They cost $55,000, $14,000, and $14,000, respectively. Calls to the Bawse’s people apparently went unreturned, probably because Ross has no comeback for this: “Hey Ricky. How much did those watches cost you? U.O.E.N.O.?”

Of course, it could be he was planning to pay, but then Reebok took away his millions. Thankfully, the man is an expert when it comes to dealing with “Poor Decisions.”