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Puscifer and Sir Mix-a-Lot Collaborate at Last on ‘All Re-Mixed Up’ LP

Puscifer All Re-Mixed Up Six Mix-a-Lot Alain Johannes

Maynard James Keenan’s shock-rock strangeoids Puscifer will be remixed by Sir Mix-a-Lot on a forthcoming full-length dubbed All Re-Mixed Up. In other news, remember Sir Mix-a-Lot? Indeed, the ass-obsessed Seattle MC-producer who gave the world “Baby’s Got Back” is mounting a comeback on August 27 via his “F.U.B.A.R. remix” of “Conditions of My Parole” from the 2011 Puscifer album of the same name, as Antiquiet reports.

In fact, all 12 songs from the industrial-ish group’s second LP are getting reworked. Other contributors include Queens of the Stone Age affiliate Alain Johannes, Aaron Harris of Chino Moreno’s Palms project, Telefon Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustis (now of Nine Inch Nails as well), This Mortal Coil founder John Fryer, Rani Sharone of Stolen Babies, and occasional Puscifer member Carina Round, who co-wrote 2009’s “The Humbling River.”

While the Conditions revisions sport names such as “Giorgia O’Queef mix” and “11AD remix” (presumably a play on 4AD and This Is Spinal Tap), Keenan and his motley crew clearly take the process seriously:

All Re-Mixed Up is the continuation of the Puscifer tradition to release alternate versions, reworks, and remixes of what we consider initial thoughts,” said the mustachioed mastermind via statement. “For instance, Carina Round was nervous about how to approach her version of ‘Telling Ghosts. Mat Mitchell put her at ease by asking her to think of it as a song half written, advising her to ‘now write the other half.’ It’s extremely liberating in the digital age to approach composing and creating in this manner. Infinite paths to explore, reinterpret, and re-present.”

Puscifer was most recently heard covering Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for their Donkey Punch the Night EP.

Puscifer, All Re-Mixed Up track list:

1. “Monsters” (Deconstruct) (remixed by Mat Mitchell)
2. “The Green Valley” (Verde River Maestro 507 mix) (remixed by Stolen Babies’ Rani Sharone)
3. “Monsoons” (JLE Motorik mix) (remixed by Josh Eustis)
4. “Telling Ghosts” (Giorgia O’Queef mix) (remixed by Carina Round)
5. “Horizons” (Dream Of A Lie remix) (remixed by John Fryer (ex-This Mortal Coil)
6. “Man Overboard” (11AD remix) (remixed by Alain Johannes)
7. “Toma” (Burn Out remix) (remixed by Five Knives)
8. “The Rapture” (JLE Needs Service mix) (remixed by Josh Eustis)
9. “Conditions of My Parole” (F.U.B.A.R. remix) (remixed by Sir Mix-A-Lot)
10. “The Weaver” (Virtual Vacuum remix) (remixed by Aaron Harris of Palms)
11. “Oceans” (Green Mussel Mix) (remixed by Zac Rae)
12. “Tumbleweed” (Delusions of Grandeur mix) (remixed by the Beta Machine)