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Pony Bwoy Dabble in the R&B Divine With ‘Aevum (Time Crawls)’

Pony Bwoy 'Aevum (Time Crawls)' Stream

Pony Bwoy combines the R&B-addled approach of singer-rapper Jeremy Nutzman and the electronic pop strangeness of producer Hunter Morley — a pair of longhair Minneapolitans with ties to the extended Bon Iver clan (via Marijuana Death Squads and, um, Spyder Baybie Raw Dawg). Their forthcoming LP debut is due this summer on Totally Gross National Product, the label co-run by Gayngs founder Ryan Olson, and you can hear the first taste of it below.

The word “ævum” describes the theoretical space inhabited by angels and saints that bridges heaven to earth — a place where temporal ties are shed — and Pony Bwoy’s “Ævum (time crawls)” occupies a similarly weightless space. Nutzman’s disembodied vocals flit in and out of existence amidst choral coos, skittering percussion, and cloudy-yet-bright sonics. The song takes shape and dissolves over and over again as our host riffs on a fitting theme: “What am I, an echo already? / Gravity tries to keep me here / As if it had nothing to do but wait for me.” Join him in that divine waiting room.

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Pony Bwoy, Pony Bwoy track list:

1. “Medium Cool (Intro)”
2. “Hallowed Ground”
3. “Ipanema_Evol”
4. “Ævum (time crawls)”
5. “My Mouth Is a Tomb”
6. “My Body Is a Bruise
7. “Ouroboros”
8. “Crystal Ball”
9. “Epoch;Glss”
10. “Bermuda Triangle”
11. “Dark Soccer (Night Sounds)”
12. “Fata Morgana”