Hear Pillar Point’s Surging Synth-Pop Fantasy ‘Dreamin”

Pillar Point 'Dreamin' 'Diamond Mine' Polyvinyl stream

Pillar Point likes to keep things mysterious. Little is known about the Seattle synth-and-song project, but the calming vocals and glistening production put the man seen above in a class with Active Child and Superhumanoids — new romantics whose approach to songcraft is as heartfelt as it is carefully composed. With a home now on Polyvinyl Records, Pillar Point has a 7-inch on the way later this year. The upbeat A-side “Diamond Mine” has been circulating for a bit and now we have “Dreamin’,” a slowly surging song whose mood is neatly summed up by the first words uttered: “Like a summer dream.” The combination of bass-line and beat gives the track a powerful earthly thrust, while our host paints a surreal picture of love in the clouds. For more, explore the Pillar Point and Polyvinyl sites. 


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