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No Age Share Blistering Mutant Punk Jammer ‘C’mon Stimmung’

No Age 'C'mon Stimmung' Stream 'An Object' Album

We recently visited No Age in the studio, where Dean Spunt told us a thing or two about the Los Angeles art-punks’ new album, An Object. “There’s points in the record where it sounds like it’s going to fall apart,” he explained. “These songs are there to hit you and there’s no time to really mess around. When it’s done, I feel like it leaves you with a lot to ponder.”

The same could be said for the first taste of that August 20 long-player, “C’mon Stimmung,” which you’ll find above. While Sub Pop clearly notes that this is “not the video” for the clanging new single, the visuals provided certainly fit. Streaming sparks disrupt a placid atmosphere in the clip as Spunt shout-sings about perseverance while smashing his kit and Randy Randall shreds with the tenacity of a steam engine. The bright punk is offset by blurting mutant guitar jags that remind us why No Age is needed in 2013. It clocks you in the face and then asks you what you thought about the experience.