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See Mykki Blanco Sprout a Second Face in ‘The Initiation’

Mykki Blanco 'The Initiation' Video Betty Rubble

As if Mykki Blanco’s “The Initiation” wasn’t creepy enough on its own, the bleakly seething track now has a terrifying new video in which the New York MC sprouts an extra face and stalks the city on all fours. The somewhat titular track from our recent Rap Release of the Week, Betty Rubble: The Initiation, finds our possessed host/ess whisper-growling Latin incantations over a Sinden beat that sounds plucked from the fifth circle of Hell. The new video premiered on Entertainment Weekly, who connected the literal two-facedness to the former Breaking Out star’s “multi-gendered” status, but Blanco is in only one mode here: beast. In her travels, she witnesses others like her getting rounded up and arrested by police before ducking into an alley where her kind can exist in peace … sort of. Hint: The first rule of two-face club is you do not talk about two-face club. Ninian Doff directs for MOCAtv.