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Mr. MFN eXquire Disses Obama, Big-Ups Booze on ‘Kismet’ Mixtape

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire 'Kismet' Mixtape Download

Mr. MFN eXquire is back with another mixtape that his label probably wouldn’t approve of. Kismet was released today and features collaborations with Danny Brown and Flatbush Zombies, among others, alongside production credits that include Los Angeles funkstress Georgia Anne Muldrow and, well, Curtis Mayfield (technically a sample of “Give Me Your Love”).

Last month we heard the Power & Passion B-side “Illest Niggaz Breathin'” — that Mortal Kombat-ripping track appears in the new set, alongside highlights like the well-crafted Queensbridge throwback “Cherry Raindrops” and the glistening left-field freewheeler “Orbz a.k.a. Some Wise Quote Drake Never Said.” And then on “I Was Drunk When I Wrote This,” the Brooklyn rapper lays down his deeply considered political stance — “I’m on some other shit / Fuck the government / Barack’a suck a dick” — before discussing his thoughts on theology and returning to his favorite subject: getting sloshed.

Stream Mr. X’s 200-proof concoction below.