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Sync or Swim: Moby Opens Vaults to Independent Filmmakers, for Free

Moby Opens Vaults to Independent Filmmakers, for Free

Broke independent filmmakers (is there any other kind?), rejoice: Moby wants you to use his music, for free.

Perhaps feeling inspired by Colin Rich’s elegant video for “The Lonely Night,” Moby’s Record Store Day collaboration with Mark Lanegan, the New York musician has relaunched mobygratis, a music library intended for “independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short.” Originally established in 2008, the mobygratis catalog has been updated with over 150 tracks drawn from Moby’s discography (as well as his hard drives). In addition to songs from 18, Play – The B Sides, Hotel, Wait for Me, Destroyed, and a handful of singles, there are some 50-odd unreleased tracks in the collection, all available to stream in full, which also makes the site worth a visit for Moby superfans who have never so much as picked up a video camera.

The terms are pretty simple: The music is free to use for all non-commercial uses, and if projects incorporating mobygratis music are converted into money-making content, all synch proceeds go to the Humane Society. Everyone can browse and stream the catalog; register to request downloads, and check out the first videos made using the music. The mobygratis blog is showcasing select videos made using mobygratis music, including a pretty stunning short made by NASA to promote their Solar Dynamics Observatory.