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METZ Detail Alien Junkyard Origins of a Flying Dog in Animated ‘Get Off’ Video

METZ, 'Get Off,' video

And now for a METZ video as bugged-out as the Toronto band’s brand of noise-rock. These SPIN Best New Artists alums’ previous clips from last year’s self-titled album have resembled animated GIFs (“Wet Blanket”) and called to mind failed glamour shots (“Wasted”). Now Stereogum has posted their latest, for the characteristically sludgy “Get Off,” and the animated clip directed by fellow  Sub Pop racketmaker Chad VanGaalen is as head-knocking as you’d want. Mind-bending, too: Vaguely reminiscent of that South Park episode where Kenny gets high on cat pee, the thoroughly rock’n’roll video follows a shape-shifting alien to the town dump as part of a storyline involving a canine superhero named Smahmpy. “There are no bells and whistles,” singer-guitarist Alex Edkins told SPIN of the album. Notice he didn’t say anything about flying hounds.