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METZ Amp Up the Loudness Wars on ‘Adult Swim’ Ear-Splitter ‘Can’t Understand’


Okay, so METZ’s latest noise-punk blaze probably isn’t technically louder in the “Loudness War,” Metallica-mastered-their-album-funny sense, but have you seen their SoundCloud wave? “Can’t Understand” is the Toronto band’s foray into a 2013 Adult Swim Singles Project series that has already brought us Killer Mike and El-P’s Tim Tebow-repping “36-Inch Chain” and Kitty (née Pryde)’s booty-rubbing “Barbie Jeep.” This one comes a couple of days after METZ’s Chad VanGaalen-animated “Get Off” video, and in a sonic sense, it’s about as bonkers, all dive-bombing guitars and building-crushing drums. But it’s not “just” an unholy racket: The track’s crescendo is as methodical as it is maniacal. When singer-guitarist Alex Edkins howls the title phrase, it’s just about the only lyric we can understand. The song’s physical impact, though, is easy to get.

Listen over at Consequence of Sound, and watch a video of METZ performing “Can’t Understand” below.