See Marnie Stern Play ‘Noonan’ to a Pack of Hipster Puppies

Marnie Stern Dog Concert Video

Marnie Stern really loves her dog. We know that because she told SPIN all about cute little Fig and her harrowing near-death adventures. Thankfully, she’s survived to make cameos in her music videos, album art, and press shots. Think of her as the experimental dog-child to Bethany Cosentino’s chiller cat-son SnacksNaturally, it goes to figure Stern’s affection for canines spans beyond her own, and the video is proof positive.

In the BuzzFeed-created clip, the guitar goddess visits New York’s Ruff Club — the East Village dog-friendly social club, of course — and gives some pooches a show, rolling through the driving “Noonan” off her The Chronicles Of Marnia album. The atylishly outfitted dogs seem pretty into it and one even tries to sing along. And after treating them to a song, she treats the hounds to actual treats — if only her concerts for people were like that. Oddly, there’s no sight of Fig. She was probably kicking back in the green room.

SPIN’s own Christopher R. Weingarten knows a thing or two about Hipster Puppies.


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