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Major Reggie’s Bonnaroo Space Oddity

Comedian/musician launches music into the cosmos via tiny, stick-like speaker and high-tech balloon

It’s hard to stand out amongst Bonnaroo’s exhilarating musical performances and the vast sea of overheated and outlandishly dressed fans, but Logitech/Ultimate Ears pulled out all the stops for their Saturday air show, featuring a certain up-for-anything comedian/musician and his trusted sidekick — a.k.a. “sociomusicologists” Reggie Watts and Asif Ali.

Dubbed a “social music experiment,” Watts and Ali appeared in the festival’s campground around lunch time sporting bulky spaceman gear in order to figuratively and literally launch Logitech/UE’s new UE Boom, a wireless, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. The launch in question, executed via super-charged balloon, attempted to answer the question, “Can music get you high?” Well, at Bonnaroo, the answer would have to be a resounding “hells, yeah,” Boom or no Boom, but with the Boom, music also can travel 80,000 feet in the air and 60-70 miles into the distance, as shown in the video below. With Allen Stone’s blue-eyed soul tune “Contact High” playing in the background, Watts and Ali got the assembled crowd to count down from “5” and then the gizmo was airborne. Don’t worry, the speaker can be tracked by GPS, so there’s no chance of it conking anybody in their cowboy hat on Music Row in Nashville!

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