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Majical Cloudz’s ‘Bugs Don’t Buzz’ Video Finds Grandeur in Cockroaches

Majical Cloudz, "Bugs Don't Buzz," video

Arthropods abound in the new video for “Bugs Don’t Buzz,” a deadly serious standout from Majical Cloudz’s new album Impersonator. “For me, anything that I make and am satisfied with, will be based in my words and my voice,” the Montreal-based outfit’s main man Devon Welsh told SPIN recently, and that’s the grounding for this stark, mortality-haunted piano plaint. The visuals, directed by Gordon von Steiner, use miniature furniture and landscaping to put cockroaches and beetles at a human scale in their own world. Welsh told NPR, which premiered the video, “We hope it paints a picture that is abstract but clear in its emotional intentions.” The bugs might be oversized. Welsh’s quote? An understatement.