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Local Natives’ Puppy-Starring ‘You & I’ Video Will Break Your Heart (and the Internet)

Local Natives, "You & I," video

Local Natives’ Hummingbird opener “You & I” bears no obvious relationship to man’s best friend. But the song’s newly posted video tells the story of “the last dog on Earth,” and wouldn’t you know it’s an emotionally appropriate context for this majestic yet plaintive bit of lightly psyched pop. As the mustachioed Los Angelenos harmonize sweetly about love gone cold, somber-faced characters gather in a hospital room to hold vigil for the world’s final living canine — poor pup’s on his or her last legs, so to speak. Still, as the wonderfully intense video’s directors (Daniel Portrait with Kamp Grizzly) and writers (Local Natives) tell it, one passionate human being refuses to give up hope. The line about going “to places we don’t know” never sounded so optimistic.