Kool A.D. Gets So High He Thinks He’s Urkel in ‘Jaleel White’ Video

Kool A.D. 'Jaleel White' Das Racist Video Urkel Weed

Das Racist dude Kool A.D. likes to get high and as a California resident, he’s got no reason to hide the fact. In the trippy new video for “Jaleel White” from his recent 19 mixtape, the longhaired MC lays back and lights a long blunt while the camera stays fixed above his head. When he raps, “I been puffing and burning that cheeba for hella hours (a long time),” there’s no reson to doubt the validity of such a statement. As the smoke swirls upward around the lens, Victor Vasquez waggles his tongue and feels for his face — likely to make sure it’s still where he left it. The last video we caught from Kool was “Moneyball,” hailing from the simultaneously released 63 tape (each was named after a San Francisco Bay Area bus line). He’s also starred in recent posse pileups from Fat Tony and Juiceboxxx. A.D. hits the road with El-P and Killer Mike’s Run the Jewels in July.


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