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Kidz Bop’s Sanitized ‘Thrift Shop’ Is Not ‘Really Awesome’


Kidz Bop, the series of “kid-friendly” pop covers compilations, is due to release Kidz Bop 24 on July 16. The opening track, a rendition of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ inescapable “Thrift Shop,” is on sale now over at iTunes, and man. The Kidz Bop Kids have reworked the lyrics in ways both obvious (“This is fucking awesome” becomes “This is really awesome”; “What up?! I got a big cock!” becomes “What up?! I got a hit song!”) and jarring (“Smells like R. Kelly’s sheets” becomes “Smells like my baseball cleats”). At the end, a girlish voice giggles, “Is that your grandma’s coat?” Children who dress like indie rappers will relate. So will Karmin.

So, let’s see: The TLC “Thrift Shop” mashup offers a perhaps unintentionally pro-consumerism critique of Macklemore by suggesting his taste in clothes makes him a scrub who can’t get with the fly girls. The version of the “Thrift Shop” video without music shows that the clothes don’t make the scrub, after all: Some guys just come across as doofy. And what Kidz Bop’s “Thrift Shop” definitively proves, to quote the current leading YouTube commenter: “God is dead and we killed him.” Speaking of Yeezus, how long do you think until Kidz Bop takes on “Send It Up”?