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Battle 2Pac as Kanye West in ‘Final Fantasy’-Style Video Game

kanye west, kanye quest 3030

Earlier this week, SPIN stumbled upon Will Love Tear Us Apart?, a nihilistic video game inspired by the similarly titled Joy Division classic. Now we’ve found another surprise crossover between music and gaming cultures: Kanye Quest 3030, a “hip-hop-themed science-fiction 2D role-playing game starring Kanye West.” This union isn’t quite as oddball as blending pixels with post-punk — hip-hop and video games have had a well-documented love affair over the years — but confining Kanye’s ego to mere 16-bit graphics? Sacrilege.

According to the game’s website, the plot of Kanye Quest 3030 as follows: “In January 2010, as rapper and producer Kanye West is taking the garbage out one day, he suddenly travels through a wormhole. Emerging on the other side, Kanye finds himself in the year 3030. In a dystopian city filled with clones of hip-hop musicians and under the control of a god-like dictator, can Kanye get back home?” 

Throughout this beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy, Yeezus has to engage in “rap battles” with other MCs, including Jay-Z, Eminem, the Notorious B.I.G., Nicki Minaj, Nas, and Deltron of course. The above trailer features a snippet of lo-fi RPG combat against Tupac Shakur.

Creator Phenix notes that Kanye Quest 3030 is currently in the alpha stage of development, meaning it’s not yet complete, but fans can download the game here. At the very least, it’s worth playing just to hear “Power” rearranged into a Super Nintendo-style instrumental. For a deeper look into rap’s video game obsession, read Arcade Fire: 50 Rap Songs Based on Video Game Samples.