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Kanye West’s Studio-Quality ‘New Slaves’ Snippet Is Surprisingly Glitchy

'Yeezus' preview surfaces after Chief Keef says he's on LP

Might God be a computer? Kanye West’s recently unveiled Yeezus album cover non-art harks back to the years just before The College Dropout broke, when pirated MP3s were plentiful but iPods didn’t exist, so those who wanted to own a CD sometimes made their own gold version at home. West has already performed Yeezus seether “New Slaves” on Saturday Night Live and has projected it around the world. Still, a studio-quality snippet of the song surfacing over at fan forum Kanye to the The reveals new intricacies in the thick, bass-buzzing production — specifically, glitchy clicks that recall the unwanted sounds left in by much Napster-era cheapo sound-editing software. For all the quasi-political aggrieved-celebrity fury here, it’s these unlikely technological resonances that most pique our curiosity about what else Mr. “I Am a God” Kardashian might have in store on the June 18 album. Hell, maybe he’ll rap about Mark Zuckerberg’s Angelfire page.

Separately, Chief Keef recently told an interviewer from Elite Money Empire he will appear on Yeezus. “I forget what the song’s called,” he said. “But it’s a hot song.” Keef’s DGAF attitude is central to his appeal, of course, but it’s amazing how he continues to take it to new levels.

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