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Justin Bieber Cleared After Knocking a Paparazzo Over With His Ferrari

Justin Bieber Ferrari Photographer Hit Paparazzi

We’re no expert on Egyptology, but we’re fairly certain Justin Bieber must have stolen some mummy’s treasure in the waning days of 2012. This may have been an incredibly bad year for the kid, most of which has been his own doing, but one mustn’t discount the death of Christopher James Guerra, the 29-year-old paparazzo hit and killed by an SUV when he ran into the street to snap a picture of the young star.

Now another photographer has been allegedly injured in hot pursuit of the Biebz, but this time it was the 19-year-old singer behind the wheel. Monday night (June 17), Justin was leaving a Hollywood comedy club when he climbed into the Ferrari that’s always getting him in trouble accompanied by the Lil’ Flip that’s also always getting him in trouble. Security worked to clear a path, but a couple of paparazzi didn’t abide, and one got knocked down.

Watching the footage above, it’s hard to sympathize with the man who was hit, partly because it’s impossible to determine whether he actually was. He ignores orders to move, and Bieber is clearly having trouble seeing with all of the flashing. The guy seems to get his camera stuck on the car, then spins, and falls to the ground. The star had to have known something happened as he sped away from the scene, but Billboard reports that police say no crime was committed.

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