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Watch Frank Ocean Debut Three Meditative New Tracks in Germany

Last night Frank Ocean kicked off a European tour in Munich, Germany, where he performed three new tracks. The best of the bunch — which you can watch above — features a hypnotic, liquid groove that could be the base of a song by Sadé, whose “By Your Side” Ocean used to cover to open his shows. Like, say, channel ORANGE‘s “Bad Religion,” the new track is emotionally raw, with Ocean singing, “I’d do anything for you,” as a drum beat eventually begins to thump like a heart.

In another, Ocean sings about crossing the border to Mexico from California over an arrangement of drums and pianos. And in the last, he offers a more pronounced vocal performance over similar instrumentation. None of the material quite sounds like the Beatles or the Beach Boys, but this is all a very premature evaluation, of course. 

Ocean’s next North American dates aren’t until Montreal’s Osheaga Fest, which runs from August 2 to 4, and Drake’s fourth annual OVO Fest, which takes place in Toronto on August 4 and 5. Until then, he’ll still have bragging rights as the Internet’s Person of the Year.

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