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Four Tet Leaks First Omar Souleyman Song While Festival-Goers Lose Their Minds

Four Tet Omar Souleyman Song Album Ribbon

Larger-than-life Syrian singer Omar Souleyman spoke to SPIN recently about his forthcoming Four Tet-produced album. Despite the swirling mythology around the thing, the dabke folk-pop artist seemed relatively unimpressed with their collaboration: “I was not familiar with his work before, but I was told he is very good. Right now, I can’t say. After the cassette comes out, I can listen to it and then judge.” The rest of us are a bit too eager to wait for their efforts to hit the tape racks however, so we’re pleased for the video above, which finds Four Tet spinning one of their new songs to a rapturous crowd at Amsterdam’s Lente Kabinet festival on June 1. The producer born Kieran Hebden was a little more enthusiastic than his partner:

Speaking of festivals, Souleyman was among the 10 Best Things We Saw at Spain’s Primavera Sound. And speaking of Hebden, we actually spoke to him recently as well on the 10 year anniversary of his folktronica masterpiece Rounds.