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Four Tet, David Lynch, Zero 7 Cut Up Ultraista for ‘Remixes’ Album

Ultraísta, remixes, zero 7

Before Nigel Godrich and drummer Joey Waronker went Amok with Atoms for Peace, the longtime collaborators teamed up with singer Laura Bettinson to form Ultraísta. The electro-funk trio released their self-titled debut album in 2012, and now a remix LP is on the way. 

On August 6, Temporary Residence Ltd. will drop the unimaginatively titled Ultraísta Remixes LP, collecting alternate takes from Prefuse 73, FaltyDL, ERAAS, Canon Blue, Zammuto, Matthew Herbert, DC Sux, Four Tet, Zero 7, and David Lynch (who’s been busy inspiring Goldfrapp and prepping his own upcoming sophomore album).

The album announcement notes: “Whereas Ultraísta’s debut album commits to its palette with uncanny precision and devotion, Remixes explodes its individual parts and reveals the group to be equally compelling as techno powerhouse (Four Tet, FaltyDL, DC Sux), dark electro-pop (Zero 7, Zammuto, ERAAS, Canon Blue), experimental dance (Prefuse 73, Matthew Herbert), and even driving industrial rock (David Lynch in an inspired NIN-meets-YYYs turn).” 

Pre-orders are now available through Temporary Residence’s website. The vinyl version of Remixes includes downloads for six bonus remixes from CHVRCHES, Matthew Dear, Sasha, Boom Bip, Maribou State, and Nathan Fake. For now, sample the upcoming compilation by streaming Zero 7’s reworking of “Our Song” and Four Tet’s riff on “Smalltalk,” both of which can be found below.

Ultraísta Remixes track list: 

1. “You’re Out (Prefuse 73 Remix)” 
2. “Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)” 
3. “Gold Dayzz (FaltyDL Remix)”
4. “Wash It Over (ERAAS Remix)”
5. “Party Line (Canon Blue Remix)”
6. “Easier (Zammuto Remix)” 
7. “Static Light (Matthew Herbert Remix)” 
8. “Bad Insect (DC Sux Remix)” 
9. “Our Song (Zero 7 Remix)” 
10. “Strange Formula (David Lynch Remix)” 

Bonus Tracks: 

1. “Party Line (Nathan Fake Remix)”
2. “Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)”
3. “Gold Dayzz (Boom Bip Remix)”
4. “Gold Dayzz (CHVRCHES)”
5. “Smalltalk (Matthew Dear Remix)”
6. “Smalltalk (Sasha Remix)”