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Watch Father John Misty’s Post-Apocalyptic ‘Funtimes in Babylon’ Video

Father John Misty

Father John Misty’s 2012 gem Fear Fun is full of wry, sharply observed tales of epiphany and dissolution. The new video for the recent SPIN profilee‘s “Funtimes in Babylon,” filmed on the set for War of the Worlds, follows suit nicely, featuring FJM moseying and dancing through a post-apocalyptic landscape.

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But even if the end of the world were nigh, you’d want to smell good, wouldn’t you? In which case any women reading this are encouraged to seek out Innocence, by Misty, a new fragrance for ladies created on conjunction with Sanae Barber of SANAE Intoxicants perfume lab. A promo for the scent is below.

Father John Misty: Always cool, always classy.