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Fat Tony Brings Kool A.D. to His Chat-Room ‘Hood Party’ in Rambunctious Video

Fat Tony Hood Party Video Tom Cruz Kool A.D. of Das Racist Despot

Ain’t no party like a Google Hangout party. In his new video for laid-back anthem “Hood Party,” Houston rapper Fat Tony spans the States with a video conference call that brings on producer Tom Cruz and rappers Kool A.D. (formerly of Das Racist) and Despot. They’re all raging from their own locations — Fat Tony’s in Houston, Kool A.D. is in Oakland, Tom Cruz and Despot are in Brooklyn — but thanks to the power of technology they can drink and cleverly wax poetic on gentrification all together.

The song’s solid and the parties look fun, as simultaneous story lines unfold through MacBook webcams. We won’t spoil it for you, but there’s an unexpected and appreciated twist that changes things up at the end of the night.

“Hood Party” is off Fat Tony’s new album Smart Ass Black Boy, which is out today on Young One.