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Photos From Electric Daisy Carnival 2013: Sexy Clowns, Big Beats, and Giant Bananas

Wayne Coyne / Photo by Wilson Lee

True, a rave by any other name will smell just as sweaty, but Electric Daisy Carnival is something truly special. With eight stages and more than 200 acts, the flagship Las Vegas event is one of the biggest electronic music fests in the U.S., and quite possibly the most iconic. Running from dusk till dawn (7 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.) across three neon nights at the Strip-adjacent Motor Speedway, the event brought in 115,000 fans per day this weekend, the vast majority of which it seemed were down to break into an “E!D!C!” chant at only the subtlest of coaxing. That’s because the Daisy offers an experience™ complete with actual carnival rides, ornately costumed dancers, electric light shows, multiple stages and, yes, even an onsite wedding chapel. SPIN dove headfirst into its third year.

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