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Disclosure Seize Center Stage in Futuristic ‘F for You’ Video

Disclosure, "F for You," video

Disclosure haven’t exactly been hiding behind masks or keeping their names anonymous, but the U.K. sibling dance producers have generally been content to stay in the background. No longer. The most immediate songs on Guy and Howard Lawrence’s Essential debut album Settle, such as “White Noise” and “You & Me,” use guest vocalists, and the Lawrence brothers have likewise barely factored into those songs’ sumptuously well-realized videos. Howard sings lead vocals on latest Settle video selection “F for You,” and the video — directed by Ben Murray and Ross McDowell — shows the brothers performing live in a studio. The end results are just as captivating as Disclosure’s more conceptual videos, though, as lights evoking some distant future swirl around the brothers and the album cover art’s mask motif reappears.

A sneaking suspicion at this point: Disclosure’s music videos are so good, in part, because the music is, too.